Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had many bear hunters again and great results after all. Out of 14 hunters we got 8 bears and had a lot of guys that passed on bears and a lot of guys missing also. Our 2017 bear season was fantastic, with a total number of 73 out of 80, we ended the 2017 bear season with a 91% killing ratio. If you take into consideration that we had 19 hunters that missed one time and 4 that missed two times, the fact that we still got that many bears; is very close to a little miracle.

Fishing wise the week was great and many of our customers said that this was one of their best week ever. Not only the number of fish caught but the size is what impressed everybody this week. Walleyes were caught in great numbers and hundreds of bass were caught. The picnic was great with many regular and some new customers attending. It was a lot of fun and enjoyable for everyone. Our season is almost completely full with only a few openings in July and August most of them being for 4 or 5 days. We had some of our customers that celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary with us at the picnic. Over the years we had many customers that had their anniversary here at TBL, some for their wedding some for their honeymoon some for their 80th birthday some got engaged here. Wow I guess TBL is luckey to have all these people share their special moment with us.