Dear customers and friends .

We had some visit this week from an old couple that use to come here earlier in the year. We were very happy to see them almost as much as they were happy to be here. If you did not understand who I am talking about yet, I will give you two names, Tom and Linda. Yes they are back and ready for business. But the time off they took will be taken off there paycheck.  Fishing wise this week we have had some very nice fish caught. Many bass were caught and released , two of them over 22 inches. Everybody is very happy about the bass season starting this week. We also had Don Holes with a 30 1/2 inches 10 1/2 lbs walleye, M. Larry Carter with a 27', J Thompson with a 28'. Many smaller walleyes were also caught in the bays this week by all of our customers. The thing we heard  the most about walleyes in the past two years is how much more of them are being caught and how nice their size is. M. Mike Gill caught is first lake trout ever a 28 inches. Hunting wise we had a little harder week then usual but we ad some great thing happen. We had many father and son hunting together this week ,first we had Hunter Banavage and is dad Bruce Banavage they killed their two bears on the same night on the same stand. Talk about a great story. We also had Dave Treadwell and is two sons Brennan and Ryan that both got their bear at TBL this week , memories of a lifetime. Dave had hunted with us many times and now got his two sons to get a bear at TBL also. We had another father and son duo, Joe and Mike Kiss, but they only got one out of two with one miss. No matter what happens they all will have memories for a lifetime, that is what this is all about. The picnic was fantastic this week with Ed making turkeys on the spit for everyone. (Thanks ED ) Also I learned something very important this week that I need to share with you so they wont be any misunderstanding anymore. One of our customer told me that he has been to many lodges beforeTBL and that I am by far the best outfitter there is. So now that we all know that we can keep on doing what we do best wich is talk about TBL .