Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we still had 16 fishermen in camp.  It was a good week for us customers wise but not so good for fishing. Usually at this time of the year we catch more fish and bigger ones.  But the funny part is that everybody in camp was very happy with what they got anyway and also told us we had the best place they ever been to.  There was 4 differents party in camp this week and 3 of them already told us they were coming back next year.  Wow this always amazed me.  Because we do the same things for all people that come here and most of them love this place, some just like it and one party one in a great while does not like it at all which is normal.

We do spend a lot of time, money and efforts to get our lodge what it is and most of our customers notice that and the other just dont notice it but still enjoy it.  We had one great guy here a few weeks ago that said the only good thing at TBL was the food, well I am happy that he liked the food so much because he had to take is truck to go about 300 feets to get to the dinning hall.  Maybe less eating and less bitching and he would’ve done better at fishing.  Thank you for your great comment .

On other news we are coming up to our first year of our new package cast and blast which is starting saturday the 17th. We have 4 different parties for that new package on top of our bow hunters for moose this coming weekend.  We will have a busy fall this year.  The second week of the cast and blast starting on september the 24th we have 5 parties for that and 3 parties for moose hunting and one for fishing only.  Fall  will look like summer busy busy busy .

Our gun season for moose is starts on october 8th this year and we also have a full crew for that.  Please dont wait to book for 2017 season if you want to get a chance to come moose hunting with us next year.  We did get a few cancelations for 2016 so if you want a last minute hunt call me.  All around the season is getting close to the end but we still have 5 weeks to go and we will keep you inform on the results of our hunts and our fishing for the last few weeks .