Dear customers and friends

I sure hope this email find you and all your family’s and friends safe and healthy.  In these time of crisis for all of us in the US and Canada we have to all work together to pull out of such terrible time. Believe me when I say I never taught that I would have to write such a email and even less I never taught our governments on both side of the border would have to take such action to protect us from something like this virus. But all of this is completely out of our hand and your’s. So let me share with you some of the things we have done and some that we are going to do.

After much thought , discussion with others, checking all announcement on boat side of the border and checking with government official as much as we could , a few thing came clearer every days.

First all of this is way out of our control or any of your control and these are unprecedent event that call for extraordinary action.

 Second we have determined that it is unlikely that border closures will be over by the time the fishing and hunting season should start.

Third we will have to follow closely the evolution of all of that so when or if the border and all restriction are lifted we will be ready and we will contact all of you as soon as we find out.

And fourth it got very obvious that we have and we will make the best decision for everybody health involve in these unprecedent time.

At this point we can not take any chance of anybody getting sick , neither our customers or one of our workers. If the border do not reopen in time or if it open to close to your booking dates it will mean that it is not to safe yet. So it would not be a healthy or wise choice to try to do a fishing or hunting trip in those time. This virus is much stronger and fast moving then most of the other one before and that is what got all of us and our government so concern.

So here is what we are planning to do if the border open after or to close to the time of your reservation. First in such a case all reservation will be transfer automatically to the 2021 or 2022 season as you will prefer. Second  we will make sure to keep in touch at all time true our website , FB , email or phone to tell you the last news we may have . If you have any problem understanding any of this please email or call us for more info.

The following will apply to all customers that have reservation with us between may 16 to june 27th  2020

Now here is how we plan to confirm if your trip is going to go true or will be postpone to a following year. If all the band on travelling or any other tipe of restriction are lifted and the US and Canadian border are open 30 days before your trip with us is schedule , your trip will be ok and will go true in the 2020 season. if not your trip will automatically roll over to the same week in one of the following two year 2021 or 2022. We will be sending email to every group at that point ( 30 days before your reservation date ) letting you know for sure if your trip will be in 2020 or in one of the following two year. If your trip would be postpone we will send a new confirmation for your new reservation date.

For everybody else reserve with us in July , August , September and October everything will be the same so far as trip being roll over to one of the following two year , except that the delay before the last confirmation of your trip been on or off for 2020 will be of only 3 weeks before your reservation date.

 For more info make sure to follow our website ,  news scroller and weekly updated ,or ask us question by email , face book or phone to find out  where we are standing at any time until this crisis is over.

Please also note that if anybody that have a reservation with us for 2020 and would like to reschedule right away instead of waiting to see what is going to happen can do it now if they prefer. Please contact me by email for first reschedule contact.

Be sure that Taggart Bay Lodge will do everything it can to make everything as easy as possible and as trouble free as possible in all of these possible change . But again it is completely out of our control and believe me we would really rader have our regular season and give you our same very good service as we have done in the last 32 years.

Please note that if there is any later change and that your schedule week would go on we will contact everybody very fast so you have time to get ready , if you do not have time to get ready we will still reschedule you for the following years. Also if there is just part of the season open and some of you want to reschedule for later in the season and we have room we will gladly reschedule you for later or for another tipe of trip ( Fishing , bear hunt or moose hunt ) in 2020.

Now I which all of you and all of your family and friends the best of luck and hope that we will see you in the best of health this season or the next.

Thank you.