Dear Customers and Friends,

This week at TBL we had many differents fishermans.   Some that did good , some that did very good and some not good . It is always funny to see that no matter what you do or say some people know better and do only what they want how and when they want . A group of two persons for exemple started to fish for their first day at camp on saturday night for about 2 hours.  Already  on sunday morning they new that everything I told them on saturday did not work , so they went and ask one of our other party how and where to fish . Note that this other party were on their first time with us and had did very good on their first night doing what I had told them to do .  Can’t do miracle !!!  Some of our regular customers were doing very good on walleyes but not many big one were caught , everything seem to be bettween the 14 to 21 inches which are very nice anyway . One of our party that was doing very good also reported catching many small mouth bass and said they were realy fighting hard . We also had a party on their first time with us that did very good on lake trout , catching the biggest one of the week  28 inches. They also said they lost one even bigger that they had put on a stringer on the side of the boat . Bad way of kipping a big lake trout !!! Another one of our party Mike and Kathy NY  said they caught more walleyes then they ever did in the last 6 years that they have been here . This same party caught two bass of 18 inches in the first few days of their stay and they are only on their first week with us as they are here for two weeks this year . Pike fishing was also exciting for this couple as they caught many Great Northen Pike in the bays using gigger Bug on the surface , weird for this time of the year but it work , that’s all you can ask .  They  caught many pike and mist many more , the biggest one they got was 30 inches but they said seing them come out of the water was fantastic . Last minute news I just talk to the guys staying at the out post this week and they said they are all limited out and they had two big fish fry this week what more can you want . They also told me that they caught and releast many other fish like bass and pike . Fishing has been very good most of the time this year and weather has been bad most of the year hopefully we will have good fishing for the rest of the year, but also a little nicer weather . One of our party that have been with us for a few time already was not doing as good so far walleye fishing ( because they allways fish in june before and would not change their way’s )  so they decided to go tomato picking !!! I guess since Tom and Linda were not here this week they tought they could borrow their tomatoes at the dinning hall . Well the tomatoes are mine and I saw, who decided to pick them , what is going on this year , are people going crazy ??? Well only 3 weeks to our 2014 fishing season I hope that those 3 weeks are going to be has fun as the others . It seem like this season has gone by very fast I guess that is what they call get old . So don’t wait to do things that you like with people that you like.  I for one have to start doing that a little more . Make sure to follow Doctor Yves advice . Remember 30% off on your second weeks in the same year .