Dear Customers and Friends,

This week at TBL we had some very hot weather, fishing slowed down a little but for most it was good.   I did have some regular customers in this week but a little more new customers then usual . Some of the new customers already reserved for next year, so I guest it was not to bad of a week.   The heat was a little more then we like but beside that everything was ok.  With all of the dry and warm weather we been having the danger of forest fire is getting worst . That is why we ask our customers this week to stop making camp fire until it rain a little.

Some very nice walleyes were caught again this week and many many big bass also.  One of our party this week reported catching and releasing 4 walleyes over the 30 inches,  not bad for a party of 3 persons. This is all good news for the futur.  One of our party this week was on a business meeting and that was there second year doing there meeting here at TBL.  We do get more and more business meeting and family reunion here every year.  Even those guys that were’nt on a fishing trip did good at catching walleyes and bass .

On other news we have started some small renovation on cabin #1 at Maple Leaf Lodge this week.  We also did some ground work around the cabin and on the lake side.  With these little improvement this cabin is going to be even more in demand then it was.  Cabin 2 and 3 are next on the list.  We were able to do this because of a last minute cancelation,  cabin 2 and 3 will have to wait for this fall most likely . We have also cut the underbrush on all of the lot this past couple of weeks.  That make it easier to see the lake and help a lot for the look of it from the water.  All of our customers really like it.  Well many of our project are coming true each week and we have plan to do many more in the next month in order to keep giving you more for your money.  Please don’t wait to reserve with us for the next season,  spot are going fast .