Dear Customers and Friends

First I want to apologize for not writting an update last week. I have been very busy for the last two weeks with more people here than we ever had in those 2 weeks for the 29 years we have been here. On top of that I had a great idea  and gave my helper two weeks off after bear hunting season so I could relax a little.

Anyways, fishing was very unusual in the last two weeks with some very good fishing and some very slow days also. Most of our regular customers were ok with this, some of them saying that they had their best year ever at fishing here at TBL. Most of the other customer said they did good overall. Our new customers were a little more in trouble with the fish moving around a lot and changing their feeding time & pattern all the time. When you try to show somebody how and where to fish on a new lake and things change that fast all the time , it make it very hard for them to do good. Some very nice fish were caught anyway in these two weeks with the biggest pike being 41 inches caught by one of our very good Customer Gary from St. Catharines ON. The biggest walleye that I heard of was caught by the best fishermen we ever had at TBL . Not only is he the best but from what I heard is also very good looking, hard working, very polite, incredibely smart, has a lot of class and did I mention very good looking. Yes you guessed it right I caught the biggest walleyes of the last two weeks at 27 and a half inches .I have to say I was followed very close by Brent from Ontario with a 27 inches caught just last night.  Our customers are saying that the quality of fish this years is great with a lot of fish beeing caught over the slot for walleyes while trout, bass and pike size is just incredible. All of this is due to all the new regulation on our lake. With the great number of walleyes in the slot that the guys are catching it is really looking great for the future years. I also have to say a little something about our fantastic bass fishing, something which everyone always enjoys.Everybody that comes to TBL comes for great walleye and pike fishing, top notch cottages and installations, but as they all say that bass fishing here is world class with the average bass being over 20 inches.

As a lot of you already know we have decided to keep the same price at the lodge for another year which makes it 5 years in a row. That’s our way to thank all of you for your support over the years. Next year is going to be our 30th year at TBL many promotion and surprises are waiting for you and a lot of you as usual have already rebooked your spots for next year but if you did not, make sure to do it soon to avoid disappointment.