Dear Customers and Friends

We are getting ready for our coming season . I hope all of you are ready to come up because it look like it going to be a great season . Many of our projets will be done before the end of this season even if some of them will have to wait in later summer to be done , because of the late spring  . One of our new service at the lodge for this summer is our new électric motor rental . We are going to offer a few electric motor for rent to any customer that those not have is own . With this , many of you will be able to do some different tipe of fishing for walleyes and bass spécialy . Please dont wait to reserve them if you want to get one because we wont have that many for the first year . All ready some of you have reserve all of the motor we will have for some of the weeks . Other news thing that we will offer you this coming season are our new hunting and fishing packages , we will have them ready for you before june . i know from all the email i get that everybody is getting tired of this never ending winter but belive me the next weeks will take you from winter to summer realy  fast with out any spring in between . Another new package we offer at the lodge for this year is the family reunion Package . This package  will be something you can do with your family or any group of friends  that want to reserve a bunch of cabins and get accès to our dinning hall and deck to make them self big pic-nic and partys  . Different price will be given to you for this package as you tell us exactly what you need for your reunion . Hask about it ! Well i guest we will see you all soon …