Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL hunting was great and fihing was great in the last 2 days.   It look’s like we are going to have a great summer from now on.  Our first couple of weeks were good but now it’s getting even better . Many fish were caught and release and a few were kept for a quick meal at the lodge.  More and more of our customers just eat a few fish while they are at the lodge and release everything else.  Many nice walleyes were caught and released since they were over the legal size to keep,  a lot were also caught that were of the legal size. A whole bunch of small fish were also caught and released which shows us that the system is going to work very good. The new regulation will get our lake to be one of the best in Canada very soon.  As all the biologist and serious outfitters said up here, in a few year this lake is not going to be only good, it will be incredible, we’ve seen proofs of this in the last few years already. Lake Trout seems to be doing very well also as a lot of them were caught and release, which shows us again that the new regulation  will be great for everybody in the long run . We also got a few decent pike early in our season, with very little of our customers fishing for it which is very encouraging.

Hunting wise we we’re almost perfect this week with 13 out of 14 hunters that tagged out. As usual we did very good considering the 5 bears that were shot at and missed and the other 13 that were seen and passed on . We are all booked at TBL for the 2017 season of bear hunting so please don’t wait to long to reserve your next bear hunt at TBL . We are now booking for 2018 . We also have a few spots left for 2017 at our newer lodge on the Ottawa River call Holden Lake . We’re offering the exact same hunting experience, expertise and we’ve been getting the same killing ratios for the last 8 years with average bear size being a little bigger. The only set back about that other lodge of ours, is that you dont get the good looking guides like you do at TBL .

When you fish or hunt with us we do everything in our power to make your trip enjoyable and full of great memories.