Dear Customers and Friends

 Week two at TBL .Fishing was very slow with only a few walleyes caught and about 25 pikes for the entire week. Bear hunting wise we did just as good as usual. Even with the many misses that our hunters had we still managed to get 17 bears for 22 hunters. With the very late spring we have had this year these numbers are simlpy incredible. The two first week started very slow and ended with a fantastic results. Once again all the time, efforts and money we spend on our baits really paid off. Our guides always manage to get the job done. Hopefully this week should be better since the water is warming up a little. Many customers are pleasantly surprised when they come to TBL for a first time and can’t believe what they get for the money we ask. All of our hunts or fishing trips are known to be the best for what money you invest in them. Now to answer one of the questions most frequently asked at the lodge “how much tip should we give to our guides on a hunt”. Well I think 10% is a minimum, kill or no kill, and a 15 to 20% tip is well deserved when you harvest a bear. So far this year we have had some hunter that were very generous, but we also had some that were ridiculously cheap. Our guide are very good and do go over board to help our customers to get and retrieve their bear for them. So please make sure that you plan on a little more money for your trip and give your guides what they really deserve.