Dear Customers and Friends,


This past week at TBL we had great weather and great times. Fishing was a little slow some days but good some other days. Pike fishing kept beeing very good with another few monsters caught this week. Bob and Phillys, some of are best and oldest customers, got a hold of a pike so big that they did not even wanted that thing in the boat with them. Luckily, the monster pike released himself once at the boat but Phillys and Bob had plenty of time to get a good look at it and said that was the biggest pike they seen from far since they have been fishing in Canada for the last 50 years. You have to know that Bob and Phillys have been fishing for pike mainly for a good part of these 50 years and have caught many pikes over the 42 inches mark. So when they say this thing was from far the biggest one they ever seen that means no more swiming in some of these bays! One of my bear hunting guide was at the lodge this past week for a little vacation with his family. He did very good at lake trout fishing and good at walleye fishing. Just like some of our other party, some did good and some not so good at all. A lot as to do with the attitude, some are ready to make some changes in their ways of fishing and some are not. I have noticed one thing over the years, people that have a little patience and do not run around too much catch a lot more fish then others. So this means fish the lake dont ride the lake. On other news we are working on our moose trails and cabins for the coming season in october. There is a lot of signs and most of our spots are ready so far as trails. With the many miles of trails we have these days are harder every year. Many of you have enjoyed a moose hunt with us over the years and if you want to do so again make sure to reserve soon as we are already booking for the 2020 season. We are getting ready to renovate another of our building here at TBL and this time it will be an even bigger job since we are going to do our dining hall. A lot of changes and improvements here at TBL for you our customers. That’s our way of saying thanks to you all for your support over the years. Please note that our lodge will be closed on the week of august 24 to 31 and will reopen on the 31st. There will be people there at all time to answer your questions or to help you in anyway we can.


Thanks Yves