Dear Customers and Friends,

This week at TBL we had our best week of fishing so far this summer.   Walleyes Bass and even Lake Trout were caught in great numbers.   The cabin that did the best over all was cabin 6 with a family that has been fishing with us for many years already.   Congrats to the Stoltzfus family.   Fishing was very good but we still needed to help some of our guests so far as the where and how to do it, after those tips and tricks they did good too.  A lot of walleyes over the legal size were caught and released again this week.   That is how we know these new regulations are going to pay off very fast.  We also had our anual bass contess this week, but due to the late start on bass this year we only had a few entry and the biggest one was 19 1/2 inches.  Weather wise, it was not too bad execpt the big storm we had on friday, rain, high wind and cold.  This week we did a few big jobs that we do on a regular basis, but that takes a lot of time also.  First we change the oil in all of our outbord motor as TBL use only 4 stroke motors for there dependability and for the environment.  We also cut all the grass around all cabins this week which make it look so much better and cleaner.  One of our customers this week was asking me why we always leave a 6 foot band around the lake and creeks where we dont cut the grass or anything else.  Well at TBL we try to do all we can to preseve environment and leaving a band uncut around the lakes, rivers and creek is very important .

Talking about environement I was watching a guy pull his boat out of the lake accross the bay from us this morning.  The guy was at the other outfitters landing so I did not say anything.  But  I can’t wait for our gouvernemnt to make a law about not pushing your boat on to the trailer with the power of your engine.  What a joke that is, the whole bottom of the lake is beeing disturb every time.

Last week I had a good customer not happy about something I wrote on my weekly update and I am very sorry about that. But I always was a hard working guy,  honest and straight forward guy and I know I am not going to change on that.  But I do make mistakes and I can recognise it and try not to make the same mistake twice.  Which brings me to this week award which goes to a cabin that repainted one of our boats for us this week.  Now it is partially purple.  I guess next year we’ll have to put a warning sign in our boats about not painting jigs in the boat or should I say, boats, cabins, deck ect …. !!!

Well on oder news next year we  are going to keep all of our price the same for next year and that for fishing and hunting.  Like we said already all of our bear hunts are sold for 2017 at TBL and most of our moose hunts also. As for the fishing the month of june is already very very busy with some spots left here and there.  But we do have some spots left for  june fishing and bear hunting  at our Holden Lake Camp.  Please dont wait and reserve now call or email us for more info.