Dear Customers and Friends

First sorry about the delay  in our weekly update . Many thing hapen latly at the lodge and i was very busy . i was also away for a while on a little buseness and vacation week . But here i am on duty again . So far as fishing on the last two weeks it was not has good has the first part of the summer but not bad at all anyway . We have had our Bass countest week two weeks ago and we had many many bass register . For the first time in 3 yeasr of our countest we had 5 bass the exacte same size  at 19 inches  register . i guess the guys were fishing all fishing in the same hole and caught all the little brother and sister . Over the years we have caught many many bass over that size but this year those were the bigger one register . A 19 inc. small mouth bass is always a very nice fish but we are use to even bigger here at TBL . So far has walleyes some of our party’s did very good on number but the general size whent down a little . As july roll in the walleyes get a little less agresive and only the guys use to this tipe of fishing or the guys that put time and patient in learning this tipe of fishing do very good . i for my self fish a little when i was on my little vacation and i had no problem catching much more  walleyes then we needed to eat . i kept some 17 to 18 inches to eat and release over 40 walleyes with one 28 incher release at Molly point  . i also caught a bunch of bass and two small pikes , note bad thinking that i did all of this only in a couple of time out and few hour on my dock . We also have had many of our regular customers at the lodge this past couple of weeks wich i did not get to see as much as i would of like because of my being very busy and away for a while . i wanted to let all of you know that i was very sorry about that . Among those we have party’s that have been with us for years , and for some of them 2, 3, 4 and even 5 weeks a years . On other news will be working on some of our cabin this year again to improve even more the inside and out side of them for your convinience . i know that we put a lot of money in our lodges all the time but i also know that you all appraciate the fact that we constadly improve out lodge for you , we dont just take money out we put a lot back in . Talking about this , our new thing this year( trolling motor )  on all of our upgraded boat is a great success . After a few ajustement with the chargers , now everything is going well and everybody love this new addition to our upgraded boat . We are again this year very busy every week of the summer until we close on september 14 and it look like 2016 is going to be even busyer so dont wait to reserve if you want to avoid desapointement . Many of our weeks for the 2016 season are already full .

Now i want to let everybody know about something that hapen at the lodge laitely . i will not get to personal and i will not get in to any detail on our update about this because i dont think it is something that should be done on a weekly update . But here is what i can tell you about a very sad even that happen at the lodge a couple weeks ago . Our one and only Tom , yes our Tom our great friends and best fishermen we ever had up here as got sick . Sick up to a point that he had to go back home . Tom was in the hospital for test and they found what was wroung with him and operated on him . Now he is getting better and better every day from the new i am getting almost evey day . We will keep you updated on that as much as we can but also in respect to TOM and Linda you will understand that i will not say to much on a weekly update about all of this . As many of you know Tom and Linda were fantastic help for me over the years , many little attention i did note have time to do were done by them and much more . For me And Lise they were and they still are family and we hope that Tom is going to keep getting better so he can come back to TBL and enjoye being here with all of us again . For now i will say just that , until i can get with Tom and Linda and talk about everything and see what they realy want me to say about them on our weekly update  . i am sure you all understand that i can’t and dont want to go any further . For now let all hope that Tom get even better .