Dear Customers and Friends

Well today november 8 snow is falling and temperature is minus 4 celcius and I turn wood stove on in the house and garage . I am trying to warm up my part of the country.  I am almost done at the lodge with everything I wanted to do for this fall .  I still have a few little thing to do + take my big generator out to the shop to get it fixe so we have electricity next season . We have check the number of our customers from this past season and we found out that we did very good again in 2014 . Number of customer on fishing trip at TBL in 2014 were down a little but number of bear and moose hunter were up , so all together we did very good .  This again is all thanks to all of you that have adopted TBL has your home away from home and I want to you all again for that . Many of you have rebook their trip for nex year and we have a lot of you that call or email to get open date , so if this keep up we will have another great season in 2015 . So far as hunting we have very little room left at TBL but have some of our other location where we a little more room . So far as fishing a lot of our weeks are already full but we still have room in some week in july , august and september . Has I  have talk about already this coming season maybe one week longer and if it is we will have a lot of  special thing going for you on that week . We will let you know for sure about this in our futur weekly update . Our new brochure should be out soon so make sure to come in some of the show and pick it up or look for it on our website . You will notice that our price have gone up by a few dollards after 5 years of keeping the same price . Naturaly our regular customers that come every year and book their trip in advance will keep on getting their special price . We will still have our SPECIAL WEEKS this coming season has they are getting more popular every year  ( Family week , Bass Contest Week , Pike week , Big Feast Week and like I said maybe one more week this coming season . So don’t wait to long to reserve your next stay with us at TBL .