Dear Customers and Friends

Remember this : You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a trip at TBL and that is the same thing !

I am back from all of our shows and I  started working at the lodge already . But winter is still here ( minus 10 this morning ) and I  have note many things I can work on . The first project  is to repair a lot of our docks as we are getting close to having them all redone in the last 3 years . We do have to take care of a few thing sinside the cabins also but we won’t be able to do all we wanted this year because we will run out of time again . We do have some major change to do on our moose hunting territories this summer and it will take a lot of time but that will be good for us in the long run . We are full again for the moose hunt and bear hunt for the 2015 season and we have many hunts sold already for 2016 and 2017 . I am tring a new way of selling these hunt by offerring a discount for buying a year or two years in advance . You should all get email about this soon . NEW  This year will be the first year where we will have trolling motor on all of our upgraded boat we are trying this out and hoping it will be a big + for our fisherman . We will also try a new set-up for the back rest on the seats in our upgrade boat .  Fishing wise we still have room for this coming season spécialy in august wich is funny as this is usualy a very good month for fishing . Over the years we have had many of our regular customers taking a second trip in august to take advantage of our 30% off on your second week the same year . We have all of our same staff coming back to the lodge this year and everybody just cant wait for the season to start .  I will most likely get a new worker for this coming season as we can not keep up some time with all the work at the lodge , and I  my self never have time to talk with my customers . I have a few good persons  I mind , a couple of older guys good at everything we do and very nice with people , a couple of younger guys very hard workers that know a lot about our line of work and learn fast  or this one 24 years old blonde that has no clue about anything we do but have qualities of her own . I  have not made up my mind yet but as usual I will make the best of decision for the well been of my customers AND ME !!!  (  if any of you have preference just email me I am open at taking bribe  ) I seen a lot of you guys this winter in the shows and it was great to get to talk to you and  I wanted to thank you all for coming and making my days at the show a little better . It is always nice to see friendly face and have a little talk about eveything and nothing just so I can do something else then sell trip . Talking about selling trip we will in the next year be looking for some bear mount and rug for our shows has we notice we would be selling a lot more bear hunts if we had some of those in our booth at the shows . If you have a recent , big and good looking bear mount or rug I may want to do a deal with you , so just contact me in the next year and we maybe doing something with you . Well I guess it is all for now hope you are all doing well and I can’t wait to see you all at the lodge .