Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had great bear hunting and great fishing for most part . All of this good lock started in the first week with some very good bear hunting and some good fishing for Lake Trout and pike mainly . it just got better on the second week with fishing going up a nutch and bear hunting being even better . But this past week with a lot of regular customers coming in for their first week of the summer, fishing just exploded . The walleye fishing was good while the lake trout fishing was fantastic . Many very nice pikes were caught with one at 40 inches . Naturaly a lot of bass over 20 inches were caught and release as the season start later in june . Bear hunting was also fantastic with 17 bears kill in 6 days . All this and money we put in baiting every year always pays off . Naturaly the extremly big territories we use with new area baited every year sure gives our hunter the best of chance of getting their trophy every year .  We have had a first in 28 years at TBL  this week, a bear got partly eated by a pack of wolves before the guide could get to it . We have had a few new fishing party from Ontario this week and they have had a hard time to catch fish in the first part of their stay . At the end they did very good, i guess that happen when they did a little of what they were told to do . it happen a lot to the new parties as they have a little bit of problem adapting to the new technique of fishing that we try to show them . But in the long run it usually pays off . We’ve had very good years in the past 10 years so far as business and now it is getting very hard to get in to TBL so please dont wait if you want to book with us for a futur year . i woukd have many more things to talk about but not a lot of time so i will leave you on this . Biggess pike of the week 40 inches    , Biggess Walleyes (John Troyer) of the week 32 inches  , Biggess Trout (tom edwards) of the week 29 inches   Biggess bass (john Troyer) of the week   Biggess bear (James Stamco)  of the week 300 lbs