Dear Customers and Friends

First i have to tell you this . Yes i know that is the same title as a few weeks ago , but what can i say this is what the week was again . A wow week !

This week at TBL fishing was fantastic in numbers and size . Many many walleyes were caught and a whole lot of bass also . Size was what got everybody excited , not only did almost everybody in camp get a lot of fish but they got a lot of very good sized one . Lake trout fishing was very good also in numbers and size.  I guess these years of catch and release are paying off more and more every year now . Many of our  customers do strictly catch and release and even more of them release all the good sized one to keep just a few to eat . That is the only way to go to get great fishing forever . It is sad though that some people just don’t understand that when they kill the good spawner in a lake they hurt everybody and themselves first , because they will be the first to bitch when the quality of fishing  goes down . We are lucky here that our lake produces so many fish and that the growth of those fish is so fast . That is why Kipawa lake has been and is so great . Many many people want the spawners to be protected in this lake and if they do this we know that two three years down the road fishing is going to be even better then now so far as quality and quantity. With the fast growth of the fish in this lake it is going to be fantastic . We at TBL are for catch and release of all the good spawner in all of the species of fish on this lake so our family , our customers , our friends , and everybody can enjoy lake Kipawa great fishing for ever . Keep a few to eat and release a bunch that is the only way to go . Bear hunting was also fantastic this week with 15 bears on 17 hunters . Through the week seven bears were missed or wounded. That is what I call very good bear hunting . We even got Mike S. a bear and Mark finaly got is big one ha ha !  Our other Lodge Holden Lake is also doing very well on bear hunting and fishing . They have been getting just as good of result on bear with a lot of tropy this year . Fishing wise their season is a little under their regular result but they are doing good anyway . They have less regular customers there being a newer lodge so it is hard for them to match what we are doing at TBL . But I know with our good advice those rookies will get good at this one day !!! Well that’s all folks .