Dear Customers and Friends

What a week at TBL this week . First bear hunting was fantastic. With 13 out of 15 hunters getting their bears, six missed bears and over fifteen other bears seen. Not a bad week, especially with the great weather in the second part of the week.  Now I remember why we have so many repeat customers for bear hunting and for fishing . The only person a little disappointed here this week was me, our guides work very hard every week to get our bear hunters on the right bait, track their bears, butcher them; they do an incredible job. We’re very disappointed when they don’t get the thanks & credits they deserve because they’re the ones making this one of the best. Anyway all together the hunt was great like it is almost every week . Fishing wise the walleyes were on and off all week, but what really kept the guys  excited this past week was smallmouth bass were easy catches all week. A lot of bass over 20 inches were caught and released. Everybody that fished this week had a story about the size or amount of bass they caught. We’ve had some customers that did very good on lake trout catching quite a few, enough of which were of legal size for them to enjoy plenty of meals. That tells us that our trout population is doing very well. A few very large pike were also caught this week and the guys that caught those released them into the lake. Weather was really bad in the begining  of the week and really nice at the end. They are calling for very nice weather in the first part of the week this week and very bad in the second part. Weather this year makes me feel like I am in the movie Groundhog Day. Keep on sending us with your comments and we will see you all soon .