Dear customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had fun, we had fish , we had surprise, just like all the other weeks here . First like I was saying last week we had a lot of our customers on there second week in a roll at the lodge.   There is one party that I was sad to see go a little early because of him getting sick and indispose with a engury of his.  Sorry about that my friend and hope you get better fast.   Good luck Rich.   Beside that our week was great and everybody was happy in camp.   We had party’s that did very good at fishing and some did ok with the usual one or two that did not do so good.  Well some of our party were long time customers and that help a lot.  I have to mention for sure one of our party that caught and release at least 300 walleyes in there stay with us.  Rob and Tracey are some of our best fishermens every year.  It is amazing what a little practice,  a little patience,  some good equipement will do.   ha ha . I also have to mention the Gister party that caught a 39 inches pike . But many differents customers got many fish in many different ways¸.  A lot of our regular and new customers did very good troling with different lure , just the color seem to mather . The things that most of them said was that they like trolling because they caught many different species of fish and in good numbers . Many nice size pike were caught and many small mouth bass also on top of the numerous walleyes.  Trolling is always a good way to fish when you dont know a lake or when you want to find out where the fish are at .

WE are very lucky that we have good regulation on this lake that protect and help increase our fish population every year . But the best thing for our fish population is the customers we have that keep releasing fish year after year. Like most of them do now they eat some while they are here at the lodge and bring a few home and that is all. That the way to go for all of us. Have you release a fish today ???

On other thing this week  : I have taken a afternoon off and took a little tour of our Lake ,  Kipawa will always be the most beautiful lake of Québec .  I am one lucky man I was born I the perfect place .

One guy netting two fish at the same time. You guest it right one was a nice walleyes and one was a big northen pike trying to have a walleye for diner. This hapen every once in a while.

We also had a great picnic with many customers attending and even a squirrel trying to invite it self and still one of our hamburg buns.

Finally and not the least we had one of our customer that got maried with the lake this week . The mariage was perform by throwing his wedding ring in 20 some feet of water in Loon Bay. I know you guys love loon and the lake here but this is a little to much I thing Ha Ha Ha. I guess that is wort the week award at TBL . Way to go Rob !!!

P.S. if you are wondering yes Tracey and Rob are still together I guess we can say they are both married to Lake Kipawa now .