Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had another great week, first fishing was fantastic for most of our customers and good or very good for others. The top story this week is Rob and Tracy with there 278 Walleyes ,104 Bass ,2 Pike and 1 white fish in their two week stay. Wow that is something worth wrighting home about!!!. Rob and Tracy are very good fishermen and have been with us for many years already. We like to think of them as friends. We also had the Gister and Elsenbeck party that did very very good with many very nice walleyes caught on their week stay with us. The Gister party have been with us for a lot of years and are already reserved for next year. Like so many other regular party they always reserve before they leave to get the special price and to make sure they have their spot for next year . We had one of our most known, respected and liked customer here this week our friend Ed H. Yes Ed was here for is second of three trip this year, he was here with is wife Joni, which we found out on tuesday night, is the best fishermen of the family. Yes we all went out fishing me Ed and Joni and she outfished us in numbers and size. You know fish are bitting when even Joni catches walleyes like that !!! Good job Joni see you next year for our revenge.   

As usual when Ed is here we had a great picnic. We had another well known guest at the picnic, Miss Piggee was there but she gave us a little bit of problems. Our two spit machine broke and we had to finish turning Miss Piggee by hand until she was done at 4.30 in the afternoon. Yes you guessed it right Ed cook’ed a 75 lbs pig on the spit for the picnic. As usual the food was exceptional and Ed made it look like we had no problem at all doing this spit. Thanks again  Ed.

In other news , we had one of our Customer try how much water is own private boat could take before it sinked. Well not that much !!! He was going backward in a little wind but without that plastic that you are supose to have on the back of these bigger boat to stop the water from coming in. Well at the end we saved the boat and the people and now it is called THE PARENT TITANIC.