Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL we had good fishing for most of the week , very good fishing after everybody got use to our ways of fishing . This week I had a little help from some of my regular customers that took some of our new customers under their wings . Thank you Greg & Anette and thank you Rich.  For most part, our new customers listened to what I told them to do and it just took a few days for them to really start to catch a lot more fish.  What is really good in the last 3 weeks is the fact that most of the new customers really love our place and either rebook before they leave or promise us they will  be back for sure next year.  It is not always that easy the first time in a new lake and a new lodge to do that good the first year and to feel that good about it.  A lot of our new customers tell us it is the first place they go to and get a lot more then they expected to get.  This is one of the  the comments we get the most.  A lot of walleyes and bass were caught this week.  We did get a lot of pike this week as well and we are also getting more and more pike all the time in the last 2 or 3 years.   I guess this is because more and more of our customers do some or a lot of  catch and release on all of the species.   It is realy starting to pay off.  The biggest pike I heard about this week was 36 inches and the biggest walleye was 27 inches.  Many bass of 19 inches were also reported but nobody told me anything about lake trout.  A lot of our new customers could not thank me enough for all of the help I gave them and all of the good pointers I gave them.  those make a big difference since I do this by myself , most of the people like it a lot.  But I do not get enough time to do my other work, but it is paying off a lot.  I guess the way to take care of this will be to hire another worker next year to do what I used to do.  The only hard part with this will be to find somebody with as good of a look as mine.  Seriously I think most people like dealing with the boss and this in any tipe off business and I can understand very easily.  The part I like the about this is meeting new people and most important of all is getting to know my regular customers over again or getting to know them even better.

On other news, I had to go in Ottawa this week to see one of my sister that had a little accident so I was not at the lodge on thursday and came back on friday afternoon.  I also had to go with the cops and the ambulance to get some people off the lake in another camp because one of the guy was very sick.  I dont know about this but it seem to me like everybody is getting sick right now, maybe it is a sign that we are all getting old. ha ha .  But as one of my customer was telling me and I had never even tought about this, but better be sick at TBL then elsewhere on the lake help is there a lot faster and we can have somebody in the hospital in 20 to 25 minutes compare to the 1 1/2 hour that it took these guys.  And the other thing that came out of that little rescue this week, is why wait to do what you like do it now.  Well the way I see this and the way I see our calendar for next year I think TBL is doing very well as usual. But the main difference is the new customers rebooking very fast more then on regular years . So dont wait too long and call or email us to reserve your spot for 2016 .

Their is something that I forgot about when Tom and Linda had to leave that I should of done a few weeks ago but forgot about in the excitement and me being a little busy.  therefore I would like to thank some of our regular customers and friends that were just great with all the help they gave in the packing and getting the Millers ready to go home.  Well here it is Thank You very very much for everything you did for them and me at the same time . Thank You  Rick & Linda , Greg & Anette and Monica.