Dear Customers and Friends

This week at TBL it was a little special because it was already our last week of the fishing season . The fishing season is actualy still open but we close the main lodge every year around this time . We wanted to have one more week this year but we decided to wait another year to start that . So far as our fishing season itself it was again a great year . This lake just keep doing good year after year . I have to say that with all of our customers reports and what I have seen , this year seem to be one of the best ever . I know for sure it is our best ever for number of customers rebooking their trip for the following as they are at the lodge .

To talk about this week only the fishing was great if you talk to some of the guys and ok if you talk to others . Where did I hear this before ???

Fishing in greneral was great true this summer with some better weeks then other and with a average size on the fish beeing bigger again this year . That make me think that if they ever get a slot size on the lakes up here we will have some fantastik fishing for years . Note that I also know that this quality of fishing that keep on getting better every year is do in part to more and more of our customers doing catch and release on all species . And most of the fish that are beeing kept when they keep some are usually not the best sponner . I have to say that our customers are very good about that and I have to thank  all that are doing either of these gestier .  This is good for me , all of you , and all of the futur fisherman that will come to this lake .

The picnic was a great success again this week if it possible to be better then the last few we had , this one was great . We had for this last picnic of the season turkeys  on the spit , deer steak , corn on the cub , devild egg , salad of all kind , macaroni and cheese , spagetthi etc etc … But the most fun part was that we had almost a full camp again for our last week of the season . Some of the regular customers that were here with us this week this week were , the Dmon party over 15 years with us already , the Yockey party with over 58 trips to TBL already , the Dudda Party with over 5 years with us already , the Sterner party with their 4 time at the lodge , the Burford party with their second trip at TBL ,  and many others that were on their fisrt or second trip here at TBL .  Itwas a lot of fun having you with us again .

We did have one sad event this year as many of you know and that was when Tom our great friend here at TBL got sick and had to leave the lodge in the middle of the season . Tom and Linda help us a great deal over the years and i wanted to thank them for everything they did for us . I know a lot of you really like them and they were a big part of our lodge and part of our family . Now Tom is getting treatement at is home town and we hope the best for him . Again thank you very much Tom and Linda and get well soon Tom .

We are looking for something here at TBL we dont know where it is gone but maybe you can help us with this . We have lost our summer  , wow where did it go . if you see it please bring it back it seem like it just started a few days ago and we had so many other things we wanted to do  .

Well I guess this is it for a while I have said enought about the lodge and us for this past week and season . We are again very thank full for all of your support over the year and we hope to see you all again next year . We are all getting a little older every year so don’t wait and do what you like to do now and stop putting it off . By the way getting older someting mean becoming grandfather and that is what hapen to me just yesterday . My son Nicolas just got a baby boy , he is gorgess he look like is grandad . His name is going to be Thomas.